Accessibility in the Age of Transitioning Technologies

Technologies are evolving at a rapid rate. Even new emerging technologies, from tablets, cloud apps and Bluetooth access devices continue to morph and change. Instead of just learning how a specific device works, this session will focus on learning how to provide accessibility to both content and technology with what is current, and strategies for learning how to utilize and incorporate new technologies as they arrive on the educational scene. Learn how to easily integrate a plethora of diverse devices, from iPads, Android, Chromebook, computers, Bluetooth technologies, switches, cloud apps and more into your learning environment through common apps, commonalities of devices, hardware solutions and the cloud, and how to thread accessibility, from access to supports for expression and communication, across all technology platforms.

This is an Intermediate to Advanced workshop.

Chromebooks in the Classroom - Adding Accessibility & Support

From browser extensions to web apps, learn how to get the most out of Chromebooks for both you and your students. Learn how to install and incorporate accessibility features such as text to speech, ePub eBook creators and readers, spelling and grammar checkers, create shared documents and folders to monitor student writing, download web pages and online articles as eBooks for offline use, free assignment tracking and presentation programs, broadcast your screen to your students, utilize document cameras with your Chromebook, supports for writing, and more.

Tools to Assist with Writing

From word prediction, talking spell check, talking dictionaries, brainstorming, outlining and organizational tools to voice recognition, grammar checkers and more, each student has different needs when it comes to supportive writing tools. Cloud based programs that provide support from anywhere, to apps for portable devices like iPads, Androids and Chromebooks, provide your students with an array of tools allowing for success in the writing process.

Providing Access to the Written Text using Technology

From Comprehension to Application! Hands on with technology tools providing access to written text, from talking word processors, apps for all devices that will read aloud selected text in any environment, talking dictionaries with picture & symbol lookup support for selected text, solutions for converting text books and files to MP3 sound files portable and playable on any device, screen readers for web browsers, talking dictionary definitions, using text to speech and recorded sound in brainstorming tools and more!

Utilizing Technology Supports for Access to Curriculum

Learn how to utilize technology tools for both you and your student to provide increased access and understanding to classroom lessons and curriculum materials. Solutions for providing video and audio support to lessons and homework assignments, creating MP3 files and Text to Speech access to textbooks including online text books and free accessible resources, auto summarization tools creating multiple levels for understanding, e-Readers with support for text and background colors, dyslexic fonts, graphic organizers with audio support, task masters and online homework organizers and more.

Switch Access for the iPad, Android and Chromebooks

New hardware technologies, such as the Pererro, J-Pad, Receive Micro, the Tecla Shield DOS and others along with changes to the operating systems have added new support and capabilities for switch access on iPads, and also for Android devices and Chromebooks. This session will focus on what is possible, setting-up, scanning options and OS settings. For iPads using Voice Over, Switch Control in IOS 7 and above will be covered. The realities of what will actually scan, as well as options for using Single or Two Switch scanning, using a joystick, using the screen as a switch, and programming a USB keyboard for switch access will also be covered. Solutions for the Android platform will include a listing of direct connect, Bluetooth switches, joysticks, using a head mouse and Bluetooth trackpads, as well as new switch accessibility options built into the Android OS version 5 Lollypop. Chromebooks options will include direct connect, Bluetooth switches, using a head mouse, switch options and online sites with switch accessible programs.

Adapting Curriculum Activities for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired (DH/H)

This session will cover a variety of solutions for adapting curriculum materials for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students using a variety web based, computer programs and apps for the iPad. Learn how to create signed video quizzes, create captioned or signed videos then create eBooks for the iPad or computer using them, add signed video directions to online class assignment programs, apps to create video schedules on the iPad, learn how to adapt reading or curriculum books using QR Codes and Aurasma, download and incorporate signed music videos as well as apps for the iPad allowing students to create their own.... and more. Sample captioned videos, detailed handouts provided.

Technologies for Support, Solutions and Possibilities (DH/H)

Technology evolves at an amazing rate, and solutions for access, communication and success can come from many diverse and disparate areas. Learn how to utilize diverse technologies to provide visual supports to curriculum materials, eBooks, and more using a wide variety of technologies from computers, iPads, Web 2.0 and computer programs. This session will cover a wide range of apps and devices as I "shake up your snow globe" when it comes to how tools often created for and used in one circumstance, can provide new solutions in a totally different one.

Providing Visual Supports through Technology

Learn how to create and utilize visual supports for adapting curriculum materials using a variety of web based, computer programs and apps for the iPad. From creating quizzes with image or video support, creating eBooks by both you and your students containing captioned and/or signed videos, picture & video schedulers, creating QR codes for visual support to printed materials, and more. Come and learn how it all plays well in a diverse technology environment!

Introduction to Captioning Video for Adapting Curriculum and Beyond

There are many uses and techniques for captioning a video beyond having a text track displaying what is being spoken at the bottom of the video. Symbol and image support can be added to the video, with symbols or images changing on-screen throughout adding support to the action happening on screen, text can add additional support to understanding what is happening, or could be in another language all together. Learn how the captioned video can then be imported into eBooks for added support! Discussion on file formats, apps and programs.

This is an Entry level session.

Shaking up Your Snow Globe!

Think you've seen it all, look again! What's new and cutting edge for iPad, Web 2.0, Android, computer and device technologies with a focus on how they all play well together! Cross connectivity, access, communication and learning tools. Come into my sandbox and see what new "toys" - hardware, software and apps - I've found this year to connect the dots of engagement, access, exploration, even solutions for easy distribution of materials between platforms! Tools for iPads and Androids thread the connections between apps to create new possibilities and more. From Bluetooth devices, to "push" technologies - learn how to create a connected and engaging learning environment.

Creating eBooks and Assessment Activities, Broadcasting and Sharing

Learn how to create accessible eBooks and e-content, including stories, educational content for learning and more for iPad, Android and computers, through a wide variety of free and inexpensive apps, programs and online solutions. Next, how to create/integrate assessment activities, such as comprehension questions from/into that content, followed by how to move eBooks and e-content from one app, program, device or platform to another. Then, use multiple solutions for broadcasting your books onto IWB's as a "Big Book" allowing students to highlight points within or broadcast live from your computer or iPad to multiple devices in the class at the same time. Switch accessibility to eBooks on iPad and Android platforms, working with iBooks Author, integrating video for DH/H students and, as always - much more! - BYOD for iPads, Tablets, etc.

This is an Intermediate to Advanced Workshop.

The Threading of Accessibility across Technology Platforms

There has been a radical change in the landscape of devices and technologies used in the classroom and educational environment. Need to provide consistent accessibility to content while moving between a variety of platforms and mobile tools? In this scenario-based session learn how to provide a continuum of accessibility to the same materials when moving between multiple platforms such as iPads, Web apps, Android devices, Chromebooks or computers and learn what apps and functionalities "cross the platforms." Covered will be text to speech, switch access, visual support to e-content, accessibility feature settings for eBooks, and which file formats and applications play well between all environments. Learn how to use browser add-ons, push technology, file transfer options, broadcasting your computer or iPad to other devices, Switch Access to eBooks on iPads/Androids and more.

Integrating Technologies of Today's Classroom - Through the Lens of UDL

This session will focus on integrating the plethora of diverse classroom technologies, from hardware, apps and web based programs, through the lens of Universal Design for Learning. Learn how to filter through your list of 100's of apps on iPad, Android, Chromebooks, computers and the cloud to create a core that truly provides all your students with access to a successful experience in learning, communication and engagement as well as focusing on hardware features that provide access and accessibility.

Engagement and Success for All - UDL and the iPad

Filter through your list of apps to create a core that truly provide all your students with a successful experience in learning, communication and engagement using the iPad. This session will demonstrate how I apply that filter to a sampling of apps that can be utilized across all subjects throughout the school experience.

Creating an Accessible Learning Environment: From Mobile Tools to the Cloud

Needing to provide consistent accessibility to content while moving between a variety of platforms and mobile tools? Working through scenario-based situations will demonstrate how to provide a continuum of accessibility to materials when moving between iPads, Web apps, Android devices or computers. Focus will be on providing the same accessibility features needed such as text to speech, switch access, or visual support to e-content, accessibility feature settings in eBooks as well as which eBook creators can export content that can be run on other platforms, understanding which file formats and applications play well between all environments. From browser add-ons, "push" technology, system settings, online storage and other transfer options, broadcasting your computer or iPad to other devices, extra time devoted to Switch Access on iPads/Androids and more.

Accessing the Cloud for Accessibility

There are many web based (Web 2.0) tools and programs available that can provide access to classroom content, contain features that can enhance the accessibility to written text in a variety of ways, allow for the conversion of web based content as an eBook or e-text that can be accessed off line, provide supports for students to create content and more. Participants in this session will learn how to utilize these programs to provide support for struggling students, how they can be accessed from multiple platforms such as computers, iPads or tablets, work with browser add-ons, text to speech options, writing supports, on-line storage for accessing activities anywhere from computers, websites with switch accessible activities, iPads and more providing students with access and accessibility.

iPads and Androids in the Same Class? - Not as Scary as You Think!

How do you work with a mixed environment of iPads and Android devices? See the similarities as well as the differences between the hardware platforms, what apps and programs can be used by both, multiple options for moving files between the different devices, document cameras that can broadcast to both platforms at the same time and more! See them all as just tools for learning and teaching.

Using Aurasma and QR Codes to Adapt Curriculum Materials

Aurasma is a new, free app on the scene for both IOS and Android. It is similar to using QR codes, but without the need to print out or stick a code onto a page. Instead, it uses the image of the page as the "trigger" to play a video, display text, play a sound, etc. when the page or image is viewed using the app, through your devices camera. This session will demonstrate how to use Aurasma, the differences between using it and QR codes to adapt materials, ideas for use, and requirements for use.

Using 21st Century Tools for Teaching & Accessible Learning

Teaching and learning can take place anywhere, and from a variety of devices and places - from computers, iPhones, iPods, to iPads, digital pens, the internet or electronic paper! Create an engaging and accessible learning environment integrating a mix of free and inexpensive Web 2.0 tools for writing, creativity, support, research, assignment trackers and more. Utilize multi-use classroom response programs and send instructions, tests, quizzes or forms to iPods, iPads or computers, then display responses immediately onscreen - with grades, comments and more, with a whole different slant for use!

Infuse the learning environment with wireless document cameras, digital pens, wifi enabled digital microscopes accessible by iPads or iPods, switch accessible word prediction programs on iPads or iPods, port video and digital images into these devices as teaching and learning lessons. Use the cloud for free file storage and management between devices, collaborative projects and much more! Connect these technologies together - from the hardware to the software - within a cohesive web of connectivity and sharing.

Hands-on Mac and PC.

21st Century Learning Possibilities - Mobile Tools in a Flexible Learning Environment

Classroom technology is no longer tethered to the desktop computer. Learning, research, exploration, analysis, observation, access and more can now take place on the fly, accessed from multiple devices and locations at once. Utilize wi-fi enabled microscopes and document cameras or broadcast video via wi-fi from your computer to a variety of mobile devices together with tools to demonstrate understanding. Using student response applications learn how to "push" quizzes out to iPads, iPods, or other devices, then see student responses graphed and graded immediately, or utilize them for classroom communication by students with communication disabilities, students referred for RTI and more. Free web 2.0 tools in the cloud, to all new apps and tools for accessibility and access - re-energize, and re-tool, take your learning environment to a whole new level of possibilities.

The focus on this hands-on session will be utilizing mobile classroom devices such a iPads, iPods, Smart Phones, wi-fi enabled microscopes and document cameras, Web 2.0 applications that can be accessed by smart devices, applications for mobile devices that support students with disabilities, applications for learning, exploration, assessment, documentation, research and more that can be accessed from and/or transferred between web applications, portable devices and other emerging technologies.

Conducting the Symphony of Technology

So much technology is available for education, yet how do you make it play well together in your classroom? From iPod, iTouch and iPads to Interactive White Boards, Netbooks, NoteBooks and more, how do these devices work, what can you do with them, are they easy to use or accessible? Just because it’s new and cool, is it really a good fit to enhance the teaching and learning going on in your class? In this hands-on lab, learn how Web 2.0 tools, digital tools for the classroom, including digital video devices, wireless tools and more, can make a difference in engagement, understanding and differentiating your curriculum.

Intermediate Level computer skills required.

Technology Solutions for Struggling Students

Do you work with students who struggle to master grade-level learning objectives? In this workshop, learn how to utilize software tools to create accessible learning activities that will engage all students. In this hands-on workshop, work with a mix of free portable programs that can run from a flash drive, Web 2.0 apps, free software programs for Mac and PCs and a mix of flexible commercial programs that address the needs of all students.

Learn how to utilize interactive websites for science, language arts, math, creative writing, research and more to enhance your lessons and student understanding. Students with reading difficulties will also have difficulties using the web for research. Explore a variety of web browser add-ons that can provide supports such as reading aloud text on the page, highlighting tools that can extract and save information, tools to cite sources, online notebooks to save information, or even utilities to magnify the page.

From screen readers, grammar checking programs, time-line creation and brainstorming tools, to visual auto summarizing, poetry creation, online notebooks, slide show or comic book creation tools, and more provide solutions to engage and support success for all.

Creating Accessible Interactive Books and Writing Activities with Boardmaker Plus v.6

Learn how to create interactive books that can be accessed over and over with different story outcomes and story lines. Then, connect the stories to questions to assess their comprehension, and capture their responses! Since reading and writing go hand in hand, learn how to create accessible, interactive writing activities containing pop-up choices for characters, settings, etc. enabling all your students to write with supports ranging from direct select, switch access, touch screen, auditory supports to alternate access keyboards. Support emergent reading and writing development as well as motivate learners with a supportive and engaging environment. Participants will receive handouts and a CD of templates and sample activities.

Knowledge & Accessibility: Promoting Higher Ordered Thinking in All Students!

Learn how to utilize Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives as a tool for planning, and creating accessible activities providing a continuous pathway to successful learning for all students with Clicker 5, IntelliTools Classroom Suite, Test Me Score Me, My Own Bookshelf, Inspiration and more. Research shows that instruction in thinking skills promote higher ordered thought processes, leading to successful learning in all students.
This hands on sessions will be comprised of three components:
1. How to analyze your activities as to what level on Blooms Taxonomy they are focused on.
2. How to create activities that address specific levels to promote higher ordered thinking.
3. How to create accessible tests and quizzes to assess and document knowledge gained.

Clarifying Assessments and Capturing Understanding with Boardmaker Family Products

You're using Boardmaker Plus, to teach your students each day. Learn how to then use those same tools for assessing what they've learned using those same tools! We will begin with a review of various types of assessments and points to consider when providing assessments to diverse student populations. Next - Creating! Learn how to utilize the Boardmaker Software Family to create a variety of curriculum-based, performance-based, portfolios, and alternate assessments in an innovative fashion incorporating movies into portfolios, capturing student responses by recording their voice during an assessment, as well as integrated data tracking. Clarify assessment and capture their understanding!

Creating Accessible Quizzes, Test Preparation & Alternative Assessment Activities

Do your assessment activities really gauge what your students have learned, or are they traditional testing activities that haven't ideally captured and reported the progress your students are making. In this hands-on session we will be using software and hardware that was traditionally viewed for special needs students, and explore how it can be utilized to create seamless solutions for assessing what all your students have learned, as well as being accessible by all students. Hands-on creating activities and access using Kurzweil 3000, Classroom Suite, Read & Write Gold, Inspiration, Clicker 56 Test Talker, Test Maker, voice recognition software, programs from Vcom3D and more, as well as an array of hardware and communication devices for alternate access.

High Incidence – Low Incidence: Disabilities We Face in the Classroom of Today

Classrooms of today contain a mix of students as never before. Mainstreaming, ELL students and changes in society present the classroom teacher with a myriad of student needs and disabilities. High and Low Incidence disabilities will be discussed, along with strategies for the teacher to use to create a classroom environment that meets the needs of all. Hands-on strategies with software and hardware tools for the students to use in a classroom environment will also be covered. Resources, research, as well as websites for lesson plans, rubrics and more will be included.

Customized Workshops

Workshops on the following products may be booked as full day or half day sessions and can be designed to meet your professional development needs.

  • Boardmaker Plus! v.6
  • Classroom Suite 4
  • Crick Software Products including Clicker 6 and WriteOnline
  • Don Johnston Products
  • Inspiration & Kidspiration
  • Kurzweil 3000

Educational Technology & Consulting Services

On Line – Your Time – Training and Professional Development

Utilizing the web based technologies, we offer school systems, individuals, groups and centers the ability to receive live on-line training without the travel. Interact with the software being presented, and have your questions answered and demonstrated right on the spot. Contract with us for short sessions (during school or after school) to keep your professional development moving forward on a continuous basis, and at an affordable cost. Give your professionals the ability to say, "Now I see it, now I understand!" Schedule customized workshops and allow for opportunities to address specific needs. With flexible scheduling, affordable rates, and the ability for participants scattered around the country, and the world, to participate, connect from wherever you have access to the Internet.

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