Jumpstart Your iPad Experience with Free Apps!

This Webinar will cover free apps for the iPad/iPod. Apps for math, music, note taking, art, science, ebooks, reading, writing, photography and more will be covered. Just because they are free doesn't mean cheap! It may be a while before you buy your first app after making your way through this listing. We will also cover creating folders on your iPad for organization and how to export activities created on the devices. Listing and description of over 80 free apps provided.

iPads/iPods - Hardware Accessories Beyond the Apps

Get a handle on all the hardware accessories and connecting programs that turn your iDevices into a hub for teaching and learning. Learn what devices and programs allow you to broadcast a video in any format to all the iPods/iPads in a classroom, use Bluetooth science probes, wifi enabled digital microscopes, wireless keyboards, switch access and switch accessible apps, how to move images from your camera or Flip camcorders to iDevices, connecting to projectors and more.

Creating Your Own eBooks for the iPad, iPod, or Nook Color

Create your own eBooks for a variety of portable platforms. Learn how to add recorded sound, work with your own images, which eBook Readers contain text to speech capability, how to keep your page formatting intact as well as using free online ePub programs to publish your books in eBook format. Demonstrations of a variety of applications for creating the books, differences between eBook Readers, downloading and importing free books from the web, and moving files from your computer to eBook Readers on iPad, iPod and Nook Color.

Projection and Reflection: Projecting iPad Screens to Interactive White Boards and More!

Learn how to utilize and integrate the mix of Interactive White Boards (IWBs), iPads and Web 2.0 programs in the classroom for teaching and student learning. Dan will demonstrate strategies for using hardware, software and apps to broadcast information, such as student work, data and ongoing experiments, wirelessly, from multiple iDevices to projectors and IWBs for capturing, discussion, annotating, adding to and repackaging for review and reflection as eBooks, webcasts, posting for use in a Flipped Classroom model and more. Demonstrated will be a variety of applications from Promethean, Smart and Mimio, as well as free applications, with a focus on sharing, collaborating and integrating broadcast from a variety of sources.

Working with the Cloud: Saving, Moving and Accessing Files with Your iPad

Using a variety of devices in the classroom (and home!), such as iPads and Android devices, learn how you can move files from one device to another, from a computer to all the iPads in your class, from an iPad to your computer, and everything in between. This session will cover a variety of solutions and examples on how to manage files, images, data, video, etc. within the classroom environment or for student access later from other portable devices or computers.

Switch Access on the iPad

There are thousands of apps in the iTunes App store, but when it comes to switch access, where do you start? Find out which apps are switch accessible, learn how and where in the iPad Settings and the app itself to configure switch settings, as well as what switch arrays and switches can be used with each app. New Bluetooth switches can provide access to the entire iPad screen, from opening folders, launching apps, closing windows and switching screens. Learn what's new and what's possible in this session. A detailed resource handout provided on everything covered.

Using Student Response Software - on iPads, iPods, iPhones, Computers or the Web in Your Classroom!

A variety of free or inexpensive student response software solutions from free apps that turn your iPod into a classroom response clicker, sending the answers directly to your computer, to web based forms students can fill in from anywhere. This session will be showing how to use either iPods, iPods, iPhone, Netbooks, Laptops and Computers along with many free programs that allow you to "push" your quiz, question or poll to your students who might all be utilizing a variety of different devices, then how and where the responses can be captured, graphed and graded!

Using QR Codes in Education

Wonder what those square bar code looking blocks we see in magazines, newspapers, etc. are? They're QR codes! Learn how to use them to create adapted access to text in a document, differentiate your classroom materials, add support for understanding and more. Learn how you can adapt books, create access to curriculum materials, add more information to posters, create guided tours, flash cards, resource links, create scavenger hunts, information tag, and much more!

From the free programs to create them, to the free readers for iPads, iPods, smart phones and even a computer using your web cam, learn how to create, print and utilize QR Codes to make your print materials "come alive."

The Flipped Classroom

New ideas are emerging for teaching strategies using video lessons as homework, and traditional homework being done as in class assignments, referred to as the "Flipped Classroom." Learn how this approach is being used for instruction with students watching and listening to your lectures for homework, then using class-time for what previously was done alone at home. This gives learners control to pause, and rewind lessons for understanding. Video demonstrations of this in action, handouts and resource listings of free completed lessons and videos. Resource CD for participants provided.

Switch Access for the iPad and Android - All New

New hardware technologies, such as the Pererro, J-Pad, Receive Micro and the Tecla Shield DOS along with changes to the operating systems have added new support and capabilities for scanning on iPad, and also for Android devices. This session will focus on set-up, scanning options, settings and using Voice Over on the iPad, working with Switch Control in IOS 7, the realities of what will actually scan, as well as options for using Single, Two Switch scanning, and using a joystick.

Introduction to Captioning Video

There are many uses and techniques for captioning a video beyond having a text track displaying what is being spoken at the bottom of the video. Symbol support can be added to the video, with symbols changing on-screen adding support to the action happening on screen. Text can add additional support to understanding what is happening, or could be in another language all together. Learn how the captioned video can then be imported into eBooks for added support! Discussion on file formats, apps and programs. Entry level session, commercial software demonstrated.

Let Me See! Broadcasting to iPads and Androids

Broadcasting your iPad or computer screen through a projector to the entire class is great for whole class demonstrations, but what if you only want to broadcast to a small group, or a few students. This session will cover hardware, software and apps allowing you to broadcast your computer screen, slide presentations, eBooks, a view from a document camera or your iPad screen to other iPads, Android devices, computers, or other possibilities in the classroom.

iPads and Androids in the Same Class? - Not as Scary as You Think!

How do you work with a mixed environment of iPads and Android devices? See the similarities as well as the differences between the hardware platforms, what apps and programs can be used by both, multiple options for moving files between the different devices, document cameras that can broadcast to both platforms at the same time and more! See them all as just tools for learning and teaching.

Maintaining Accessibility across Technology Platforms

The student has used the same computer year after year. Suddenly, a rush of new technology filters its way into the classroom! Which apps and programs have functionalities that "cross all platforms" from computer to IOS to the Android platform with switch, text-to-speech, word banks and more? Examples demonstrated will include creating switch access to an eBook on a computer, and then switch access to that same eBook on an iPad and Android device, text-to-speech support to a writing document when starting on one platform, then moving to another to continue writing, and more.

Using Aurasma and QR Codes to Adapt Materialss

Aurasma is a new, free app on the scene for both IOS and Android. It is similar to using QR codes, but without the need to print out or stick a code onto a page. Instead, it uses the image of the page as the "trigger" to play a video, display text, play a sound, etc. when the page or image is viewed using the app, through the camera on your device. This session will demonstrate how to use Aurasma, the differences between using it and QR codes to adapt materials, ideas for use, and requirements for use.

Web-based Training

Using web-based conferencing technology, customized training can be delivered to your site or sites! Schedule any time increments needed -- from 1 or 2 hour sessions to half-day or full day. Training can be designed for an individual or for groups of individuals. Great for after school professional development activities, user groups, or as a follow-up to instructor-led workshops.

Email Dan at dherlihy@juno.com to schedule your session(s) to meet your training needs.

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